Welcome to Inner Wisdom Yoga

An Integrative Approach to Better Health

Yoga is preventative medicine and an antidote to stress. My intention is to educate, inspire, and help you develop a yoga practice that improves your life. Experience the gift of yoga and discover the meaning of true health.

Yoga Classes
As an experienced yoga teacher based in Southern Oregon, I offer yoga basics classes in the Upper Rogue Valley (Shady Cove and Central Point).

For students who want a more traditional approach to the practice, I teach a modified ashtanga flow class in Central Point hosted through the Parks and Recreation department.

Select the “Class schedule” or “Class Description” Tab to find the class that’s right for you.

Yoga Therapy
Taking a therapeutic approach to yoga, I assist people with chronic conditions manage pain and improve their life. Yoga therapy sessions are personalized and adapted to your specific needs. I also coach students in creating their own home practice, tailoring it to their needs and schedule. A daily practice is highly recommended and the long term benefits are numerous.

Please call if you’d like to learn more about how a therapeutic approach to yoga can help you.

In gratitude,
Sandy Dennis