About Inner Wisdom Yoga

Yoga is a process that integrates mind, body and breath. What we learn in our practice we apply to our daily lives. Change occurs as we cultivate the art of being present and relaxing our grip on life.

Through the stillness and quietness of a simple practice we connect to the teacher within each of us. Our deep intuition and inner wisdom invite subtle shifts in our mind and body. With greater self awareness and mindful action we discover an improved quality of life.

In offering both group classes and personalized yoga therapy sessions, students are encouraged to explore a breath centered practice and explore asana (postures) in a safe an integrated manner. Modifiying the practice to honor each person’s uniqueness is an integral part of my teaching style and perfect for those who are new to yoga.

I beleive that yoga is accessible to everyone. Regardless of your age, be it 9 or 90, you can reap the benefits from this timeless practice. Whether you are physically fit or in chronic pain, the power within yoga lies in its tailored simplicity.

Please contact me to discuss which type of setting may be appropriate for you.