About Sandy


“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others” –Mahatma Ghandhi.


As a yoga teacher, empowering people to regain their health and wellbeing is my greatest joy.  Students integrate three simple elements into the asana practice -linking the mind to the breath and the breath to the body.  Through simple movements and proper breathing, we can cultivate a clear and calm mind.  Students are encouraged to explore the silence practice (meditation) as it is the ultimate purpose of yoga. These simple approaches combined with therapeutic sequencing inspire my teaching style.

Yoga was the catalyst for change in my life. For me, it has been the simplest and most powerful form of self healing. We do not have to accept infirmity as we age and this age old practice keeps the mind and body supple.  Today, I am stronger and have greater vitality than ever before.


I trained in 2006 at the Sivananda Yoga Center in India. The same year I changed careers and moved from California to Shady Cove, Oregon where I decided to teach yoga. It became apparent there was a great need to adapt the yoga practice to make it more accessible for all.

It was Max Strom who introduced me to the power of the breath. His alignment principals and adaptations for both the beginner and seasoned practitioners have influenced my teaching.

Committed to integrating a therapeutic approach to yoga, I completed a Yoga Therapy certification August 2010 through Loyola Marymount University. It has been personally rewarding help clients deeply affected by chronic pain and illness to be able to reclaim their lives.

In 2013, I travelled to India to study with my teacher Acharya ( Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois) whose authentic yoga lifestyle has influenced me deeply. His commitment to preserve and share the ancient yogic traditions  have enabled me to have a true understanding of what it means to approach life in an integrated manner.

I am grateful to the students who grace my life with their presence and their commitment to the practice.Ultimately, I thank God who through my Catholic faith has led me to this beautiful community and enables me to do His work.